With an eye on family-sustaining jobs and living wage employment, as your representative on city council, I will work with local economic development agencies and organizations such as the Small Business Development Center, local chambers of commerce, and the Workforce Development Board to build robust channels of support for business and entrepreneurship in Capitola. I plan to encourage a more business friendly ecosystem, attract new business to Capitola, make progress towards mall redevelopment and bring more businesses to the 41st Avenue corridor. I'm passionate about supporting living wage jobs and will work to create policy to encourage and reward living wage employers.


Capitola is in dire need of more affordable housing. I will work with the city to create affordable housing options so that residents can continue to live in their own town. I will prioritize redevelopment of the Capitola mall and I will support programs that encourage the construction of accessory dwelling units and mixed use housing. We need to ensure that people who live and work in Capitola have more options available to them.


As a city and as a community, we should do everything in our power to protect our ocean and natural environment. If we want to live in a healthy community we need to be proactive in protecting our environment. Let's look at studies that measure and mitigate sea rise, support renewable energy initiatives, and assure that we do everything in our power to minimize any adverse effects on the ocean. We can create policies that help offset our carbon footprint, support and certify green business, and educate our residents about what they can do individually to help.


I am passionate about community health. I plan to support youth and adult sports leagues, create new community programs, and work alongside government and nonprofit agencies to see increased partnerships with healthy food security programs. I would like to see the city increase public awareness about outdoor oriented programs and foster partnerships with community groups as well as businesses to help provide new opportunities for all ages to enjoy their time outdoors.


If elected, I will explore novel solutions to our traffic problems such as advanced traffic control systems, more bicycle friendly infrastructure, increased beach shuttle service, a more pedestrian centric village, increased public transit and a community owned bike share program.


While we strive to grow and prosper, as a city and community, we must work diligently to maintain the unique atmosphere and culture that makes Capitola such a wonderful place to live. It is my goal to preserve Capitola's small town charm while working to bring about the best version of our city.