Growing up as a child in three continents, I was exposed to many different lifestyles and cultures at an early age, and while I've spent the majority of my life in California, I believe that the insights and experiences gained during these formative years have influenced my views on diversity, inclusivity and the need for public service, leading me towards the path I'm on now.

I've always enjoyed helping others. Whether it's through volunteering or employment, I take pride in setting an example for the people around me and I'm at my best when I can work to improve the lives of those in my community. Out of high school, I supported myself through a series of diverse jobs before ultimately landing at a lumberyard where I was introduced to the construction industry. The experiences and roles I held during this time have shown me how important local government and social organizations can be for those looking for stability in their career - and that's what inspired me to begin my relationship with public service. My first volunteer position was with a local nonprofit makerspace where I helped to maintain the space and tools that were lent out to community members. This role ultimately led to a seat on their board of directors where I discovered that my real passion was in leading others and making sure they had all they needed to succeed.

Alexander in the Russian far east

In 2018 I started my home repair business, and with the newfound flexibility that came with it, decided that it was time for me to return to school where I have since been working towards a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. While attending Sacramento City College, I continued my path of community service by founding the school's first robotics club before deciding to move my business and education to Santa Cruz county to enjoy the one of a kind environment and culture that I'm so thankful to call my home today.

Since moving to Santa Cruz County, I've pursued my interests in business and community service through many outlets including my work for the Santa Cruz County Small Business Development Center, joining the Second Harvest Food Bank's board of directors and founding a nonprofit organization to advocate for living wage jobs. The Small Business Development Center has provided me with valuable experience in economic development, technical skills and grant writing and administration that I use today to support the small businesses in Capitola and throughout our county.

SCC Robotics Club presenting to a local high school

Having personally experienced the economic hardships that so many of us have faced over the past decade, I have a passion for supporting strong economies, food security and affordable housing. Since moving to Capitola, I have graduated from the Capitola local government academy and was invited to join the City of Capitola financial advisory committee where I have the privilege of supporting our City Council through financial analysis and recommendations. I'm committed to improving the economic and social vitality of this great city while maintaining the one of a kind natural environment, culture and small town charm that we all know and love.

Tabling for the non profit Blue Circle